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ABOUT US: The Critic Have Spoken!

"Guaranteed worst movies in town! is the gleeful cry of this house of alternatives for the
psychotronically inclined, but conservatives are also invited to peruse VV's fine
compilation of American classics."
Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide

"Couple build booming business--with the worst movies ever!"
The National Enquirer

"Video Vault's titles cover the full range of video exotica, from biker movies
to Blaxploitation films to sword and sandal epics..."

"Blockbuster Video has a shelf or two of cult movies. Video Vault has rooms full!"
The Associated Press

"Video Vault's hook is their remarkable collection of psychotronic or cult videos...Their repertoire is
so unusual, they have started a mail order business to serve the hundreds of out-of-state requests."
USA Today

"With a business philosophy that could be summed up as offering the best
of the worst, Video Vault is a certified success!"

"Everyday is Halloween at Video Vault!"
Fox Television

"Not every video rental outfit can offer "the guaranteed worst movies in town".
But then Video Vault isn't like every other video store."
Washington Business Journal

"Video Vault puts bad cinema on a pedestal and is laughing all the way to the bank."

"For customers of Video Vault, it may be too late to scream but never late
to screen. They can get macabre whenever they want."
The Washington Post

"Video Vault is the best video club in the Washington area. You can not walk
in there and in five minutes not find something you'd like to take home."
The Washington Times

"If your taste runs to stomach-turning cult movies such as 'Horrors of the
Black Museum', Video Vault has them to go."
The Wall Street Journal

"Video Vault's selection of titles is truly encyclopedic."
Video Business

"Specializing in cult films, they have devoted a complete room to such titles as
El Topo, the collected works of Russ Meyer and the camp horror oeuvre of Ed Wood, Jr."
Video Extra

"Video Vault specializes in foreign, classic and cult videos in what they refer
to as the 'high road/low road philosophy."
Video Store

"It's a weirdo wonderland!"
Arch Campbell, syndicated movie critic

"Video Vault is our favorite video store in Washington, D.C."
Entertainment Weekly

"Customers flock in for cinematic stinkers such as 'The Incredibly Strange Creatures
Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies' and one of Video Vault's
all-time favorites, 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'"
Readers Digest

"Video Vault deals movies only a cineaste could love."
Washington City Paper

There's plenty more but we certainly don't want to bore you with our self-congratulatory ego-mania!
For more information e-mail us at jim@videovault.com